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Minecraft Server Multiverse

This page attempts to define the setup procedure and tools available through Multiverse

Install Multiverse

Install the Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-Portals, and Multiverse-Netherportals in the plugins folder. Prom also currently has Multiverse-Signportals installed but I have no idea how to use it!

Import and create worlds

If a world already exists it can be imported using the following commands

/mv import world normal
/mv import world_nether nether

Or a new world can be created using any other terrain generator

/mv create creative normal
/mv create adventure normal
/mv create adventure_nether nether
/mv create archive normal #(This should probably by an mvimport)
/mv create archive_nether nether #(This should probably by an mvimport)

Moving around in Multiverse

To return to the server spawn we can use essentials spawn command which returns to the hub world at spawn

#Return to main spawn

Or to return to the current world’s spawn point use

#return to a world spawn
/mv spawn

To teleport to another world you can use

#Move to a different world
/mv tp <worldname>

Mob control

  1. Clear animals and mops from creative world
/mv tp creative
/mv modify set monsters false
/mv modify set animals false
/mv purge creative all

Creating Portals

To create a portal set use the following commands

/mvp wand
/mvp create <name>
/mv tp <destination>
/mvp create <name2> p:<name>
/mvp select <name>
/mvp modify destination p:<name2>

A longer tutorial on portals can be found [1]